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The World We Build Together
The World We Build Together

Head of School, Sergio Alati dedicates this moving poem to the students, to get them excited about the 2019-2020 school year.

To build excitement as we kick off the new school year, we held opening building assemblies on the first day of school, where our Principals said a few words about the school year and shared goals for our school community.

I dedicated this poem to our students, where I posed questions about how we want to view others and their perspectives this year, the type of community we want to build together, the way in which we want to be teachers and learners, and how we can strive to be better and achieve our goals together. Enjoy!

What would a world look like
without curiosity,
or rolling up your sleeves,
together you and me?

What would happen if nobody
Could solve a problem that was key,
Like how to care for our environment,
And places you like to see?

What if we never thought deeply
Or asked questions like how?
With whom? when? And why?
Is that still relevant now?

What if we could not work together
Or Listen to the opinions of a peer,
What if their different perspective

Caused us angst and fear?
What if people did not act
To make change when needed,
What if instead of standing up for what's right
They just stayed quiet and seated.

What if people could not speak
With confidence and poise,
Their words made no sense,
And sounded like noise.

What if people didn't feel welcome,
Safe or didn't want to include?
What if smiles couldn't been seen
but only a bad attitude?

What if affection and care
Just did not exist?
What if people's ideas were dismissed
With a flick of a wrist?

What if adults never challenged themselves
to be better and grow,
to be a good person,
and evaluate what they know?

What if adults did no service for others
but only for oneself?
The ideals of engagement
Just sitting on a shelf?

What if people believed
all posts and views,
without looking at the perspective
and deliverer of news?

What if people valued one perspective,
did not feel comfortable speaking up or out,
or doing the right thing
and taking the often harder route?

At this school, we cannot imagine
this type of situation.
That's why we're brimming with care,
To create a strong generation.

The caring leaders of tomorrow,
Are being created today,
With high demands and warmth,
And whose voice has a say.

Character and motivation
are foundational blocks,
they are importantly linked
like sneakers and socks.

So as you think about your school community
And your ultimate fate,
It will come from you
And the environment you create.

I ask you to think about this
As you get into gear,
Take care of one another,
And go have a great year!