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School Strategy for a Sustainable Future
School Strategy for a Sustainable Future

Strategic Vision for the future, celebrating our 70 years of history, and reflecting on the school's brights spots and areas of growth...

Strong schools are ones that have a timeless, clear, and enthusiastic set of strategies for the future. We are honored to have completed our school's Strategic Vision, and excited to share this guiding work with the community. This Strategic Vision, called "Ever Forward," highlights the timeless values and priorities to assure that we sustain Stevens for many years to come as a leader in the school industry.

On a micro-level, our strategies for this school year include celebrating our 70th anniversary as we honor our past and look toward the future. We will also continue to evaluate and extend our curriculum and programs, send faculty and staff to robust professional development nationally in order to maintain high levels of engagement and excitement, and are moving forward with numerous diversity and equity initiatives, including our Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism Survey, that will help forge our path forward with a continued commitment to honoring all voices, backgrounds, and perspectives.

Alongside our new Strategic Vision, we are completing our multi-faceted self-study as a precursor to being re-accredited by the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS) and newly accredited by the Middle States Organization. Accreditation is granted when schools demonstrate their excellence and meeting of many rigorous standards in areas of governance, curriculum and program, finance, facilities, personnel, school community, and more. Our entire faculty and staff as well as members of our Board, families, and students, are working on evaluating our bright spots and the areas from which we can continue to grow as a school committed to excellence.

We look forward to sharing updates on our work tied to the school's Strategic Vision!

Click here to read 'Ever Forward: Stevens' Strategic Vision.'