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Celebrating our Earth
Celebrating our Earth

On Monday, April 22, Stevens students took some time to celebrate and discuss our environment.

To celebrate Earth Day, Stevens students came together by campus to talk about our environment and climate, and identify ways in which we, as a community, can make a positive impact. Students researched and discussed ways to take care of plants in order to help our environment, and our Newport students now have their very own garden to nurture and grow! At Garden Street, Middle School students researched a climate change issue and presented to the younger grades. Hoboken 2nd graders challenged our students and teachers to come up with ways in which they will commit to making one small change to their daily lives in order to combat pollution and climate change, creating a healthier planet. In conjunction with our Facilities staff, we are eliminating the use of disposable cups in school to further enhance our recycling program. Each small change we make is a part of a greater fight to promote climate justice, and we are excited to be a part of this significant work!