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Stevens' athletics program offers six sports each year designed to provide a competitive outlet and promote overall physical fitness, teamwork and cooperation. Stevens is always looking to provide more athletic opportunities for its students by developing relationships with the surrounding community in an effort to best service the interests of our passionate student-athletes.

Competitive Sports

Cross country is open to students in 3rd-8th grade in the fall. The team competes in a Hudson County school league in events ranging from the 100-yard dash and 400-meter cross country race. Spartan teams regularly compete at the highest level, with frequently wins across disciplines and in every age and gender group.

Basketball teams from 5th to 8th graders, practice and compete in a basketball league comprised of local schools. The 5th grade teams are co-educational; Stevens 6th, 7th and 8th Grade teams are then separated by gender. In 2017, Stevens 6th Grade and 6th/7th/8th Grade Girls team both reached the city playoffs tournament.

Track and field is offered in the spring to 3rd-8th grade students who train and compete in the same school league in Hudson County that out Cross Country team competes.

Intramural Sports

Flag football is played by 5th-8th graders in the fall. The program consists of two teams who practice and compete in non-contact games and also learn the fundamentals of American football.

Kickball is played by 5th-8th graders in the spring. The program consists of two teams who play on a weekly basis, stressing defensive positioning, situational strategy and basic kicking and fielding skill development.

Basketball is played by 3rd and 4th Graders (4th Grade in the fall and 3rd Grade in the Spring) with a focus on game fundamentals, teamwork and fair play. Student athletes are given the opportunity participate on smaller teams which affords for more playing time and the opportunity to gain more experience in a brand new setting.

Why the Spartans?

Middle school students voted to make Spartans the mascot to represent Stevens athletic teams. The current Spartan logo is the winning design chosen from many excellent submissions in a school competition held in 2014.

Athletics News