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Stevens' athletics program a variety of sports each year designed to provide a competitive outlet and promote overall physical fitness, teamwork and cooperation. Stevens is always looking to provide more athletic opportunities for its students by developing relationships with the surrounding community in an effort to best service the interests of our passionate student-athletes.

Running Club - 3rd through 8th Grade
3rd through 8th grade students participate in their respective age groups and learn the value of fitness, hard work and competition. In line with Stevens’ mission and overall philosophy, individual performance and improvement is stressed over finishing placement. Students’ individual times are recorded and tracked throughout the season to reinforce commitment to the team goals of personal growth and healthy competition. Practices focus on pacing and stamina across longer distances. This year students will have the opportunity to participate in track and cross country events from September to June.

Intramural Flag Football - 5th through 8th Grade
5th through 8th grade students participate in a scrimmage-like setting to learn the basics of the game of football. Through the instruction of our coaching staff, students are exposed to all aspects of the game with drills aimed at exposing students to passing patterns, running scheme and defensive strategic sets. Students work in their teams to design plays, assign positions and work towards the common goal of team success and fair play. Flag Football is only offered in the fall from September to November.

Intramural Basketball - 3rd and 4th Grade
3rd and 4th Grade students are introduced to the fundamentals of the game of basketball, game rules and basic skills from dribbling to defensive stances to proper shooting form are the main focus. Playing time is divided as evenly as possible taken to instill the value of fair play and expose all student-athletes to the game. 4th Grade Intramurals run September to November. 3rd Grade Intramurals run April to June.

Competitive Basketball - 5th through 8th Grade Co-ed
At the competitive level, the foundation of fundamental skills established earlier are scaffolded upon and scheme and player roles are made the focal point. As student-athletes advance through the basketball program, playing time is determined on attendance, commitment, teamwork and maintain good academic standing. Middle School Competitive Basketball season runs December through March.

Intramural Volleyball - 5th through 8th Grade
Students are provided an opportunity to explore a favorite student game in a more competitive atmosphere than they experience in their regular Physical Education classes. Coaches offer instruction ranging from hitting, serving and blocking techniques used in the sport of volleyball. Teams are constructed to create a fair playing experience and students formulate strategy and positions for all team members to contribute. Intramural Volleyball runs April to June.




Shanecka Frazier
Athletic Director


Middle School Intramural Flag Football
Middle School Intramural Volleyball
Practice: 4th Grade Intramural Basketball

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