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Physical Education

Physical activity is an essential component of the Stevens experience.  Our Early Childhood learners engage in movement classes that emphasize development of gross motor skills. In Lower and Middle School, students build athletic skills and gain a heightened understanding of techniques and game strategies. Our program sets the foundation for students to attain the skills and tools needed to be physically active throughout their lives.

In May, we host Fun & Fitness Days, filled with a variety of physical games and sports for 1st-8th grades. A highlight of the school year, obstacle courses, relay races, soccer, and games are coordinated by faculty and parent volunteers. 

Learn more about our Physical Education program below and explore our Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School pages for grade-specific curriculum.

Early Childhood

PreK 4 movement class

The PreK 3, PreK 4, and Kindergarten classes participate in daily recess, and music and movement classes, which incorporate physical health and wellness throughout the school day. Our movement classes integrate gross motor skills with imaginative play. Children experience yoga, storytelling through movement, dance, and skills such as jumping and balancing, all while using creative thinking skills. 

Lower School

first grade students running outside and holding footballs

Physical Education begins in 1st grade and focuses on student skill development in body control, spatial awareness, and movement. Children learn to apply locomotor skills, such as walking, skipping, galloping, and running through a variety of activities. Running serves as the base of our program in Lower School, where 1st - 4th graders learn how to apply slow, medium, and fast paces. Children also learn and develop various sports skills to apply to different games, such as dribbling and ball control in basketball. Lower School students use age-appropriate physical education equipment to build on both gross and fine motor skills and learn how to build a positive environment of social-emotional awareness. Beginning in 3rd grade, students are invited to participate in the Stevens Spartans Athletics Program.

Middle School

5th grade students playing a game outside

Our older students build upon the Lower School curriculum and learn lifelong fitness skills, cooperative games, and organized sports. Middle Schoolers gain a deeper understanding of rules and strategies and practice proper techniques pertaining to a variety of sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball. The importance of teamwork and sportsmanship are incorporated throughout the school year and students are encouraged to apply their own creativity to organized sports games with their peers. Middle School students also have the option to join an organized team sport for Stevens Spartans Athletics Program.

Shanecka Frazier
Athletic Director
Physical Education Teacher, Hoboken Campus

TJ Ermita
Physical Education Teacher, Newport Campus

Danielle Cornell
Movement Teacher