Every Moment Counts

A Stevens education encourages inquiry, critical thinking and collaborative problem solving.

Purposeful learning, every moment of every day, is why Stevens graduates are More Than Ready for success in high school and beyond.

Our Educational Philosophy

The learning environment at Stevens Cooperative School is challenging, exciting, and student-centered. All students feel valued because they are seen as active participants in their learning and because their opinions and thoughts matter. Teachers are guides and facilitators who know how to engage students by posing questions, making suggestions and supporting students when they want to delve further into a topic or new discovery. Innovative teaching practices allow for out-of-the box thinking. Students understand the purpose of being both creators and critical consumers of information that they see, read, and learn about in and out of school.

Depth of learning is a focal point of a Stevens education. Our students are well-prepared because their school serves as a laboratory for creative thinking, analysis, and communication. Along with intellectual rigor, we place an emphasis on work habits, organizational skills, global thinking and emotional intelligence. Caring teachers, who understand best practices in progressive education, co-create classroom communities where friendships can flourish and collaborative group work simulates real world, 21st century expectations. As a result of our robust program, our students are self-motivated, socially and emotionally competent, and well-rounded with a strong sense of identity and confidence.

Our focus on what’s best for students attracts committed and talented faculty and cultivates the knowledge, confidence and the leadership abilities exhibited in the accomplishments of our students: Portrait of a Graduate. The best way to understand these educational beliefs is to see them in action. Visit Stevens to tour our school.

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