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Return of Helping Parent/Guardian Days!
Dean DeChiaro

After two years, families are celebrating the revival of a classic Stevens tradition.

For Stevens families, COVID-19 has meant sacrificing certain cornerstone experiences, none of which is more special or synonymous with the school as Helping Parent/ Guardian Days.

Even those who have already been part of the community for a few years may only now be participating in their first Helping Parent/Guardian Day, which was revived in early Spring as part of the school’s ongoing efforts to safely loosen pandemic restrictions. For Faye, who recently spent a day in her child’s first grade class, the experience was worth the wait.

“We joined Stevens during the very beginning of the pandemic, so we’ve never really been inside properly,” she said. “So to be able to come and be in the classroom today is very exciting. My daughter has been so excited. My youngest loved it and talked about it for weeks after.”

Seeing the class in action makes real what she’s heard about, she said, and helps to bridge the gap between her child’s experience at home with their experience at school.

“It helps them communicate more about their day-to-day lives and enables more sharing and bonding, which I think is really important,” said Faye. “And as a parent, it enables us to support our children more because we know and understand better what’s going on in the classroom.”

Helping Parent/Guardian Days are energetic, often involving reading the class a book from home, sharing a special snack, or giving a presentation about something important to the family.

But the best part, says longtime parent Caroline Simon, is when you can steal a moment to yourself, step back, and enjoy watching the classroom in motion.

“It’s so special to get to just be in on your child’s day,” Caroline said. “Fading into the background and watching what goes on in the classroom, how the kids interact with each other, how the teacher sets things up. I think it’s so awesome.”

This story originally appeared in the Spring 2022 issue of SCOOP.