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From Learning to Read to Reading to Learn

Reading and writing skills are at the heart of what makes Stevens students deep thinkers and effective communicators, and we lay the foundation for their growth in our Early Childhood program, where we’re guided by the belief that a love of reading develops from positive interaction with written language early and often.

A Growing Partnership with NOBIS Project

Meaningful partnerships often grow from a series of serendipitous circumstances. But for the stars to align so that those partnerships can happen in the first place, a little luck never hurts.

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Adventures Beyond the Classroom

When Director of Auxiliary Programs Dan Weber steps back to evaluate the scope of the afterschool and summer enrichment experiences available to Stevens students, he does so like “a Top 40 radio DJ in Seattle.”

“I play the hits, but I’m not afraid to try something new,” he jokes.

Strengthening the Roots in Science Class

No tree can grow without strong roots. As the trunk thickens, the branches stem off in new directions, and the tree learns to weather the changing seasons, it’s the roots that remain the catalyst for growth. The same principle undergirds the science curriculum at Stevens.

Middle School Bowl Wins in Ethics, Math

It’s hard to imagine a pair of disciplines more different than Ethics and Math. But in competitions this year, Stevens middle schoolers showed that they excel at both.