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Equity and Belonging Overview

Our Diversity Statement

We believe an equitable and inclusive learning environment creates empowering and supportive experiences that build a more just and compassionate world. Stevens Cooperative School is a safe place for students to develop their authentic identities and grow an appreciation for how diversity enriches our lives. We strive to be a school comprised of unique individuals of different backgrounds, identities, and beliefs, where all voices are equally valued and respected. We actively attempt to fight intolerance, discrimination and inequity.

Our school is a place where all members feel empowered, embraced, and celebrated for who they are. We provide students, faculty, staff, and families with the resources, tools and opportunities needed to engage ethically with the larger community and shape the future. We are committed to exploring and understanding personal and systemic biases, so that students can become the best form of themselves and advocate for others. Students take action and study issues of social justice in ways that facilitate and deepen their understanding of power, personal responsibility and social change.

At Stevens Cooperative School, our diversity is our unity and a cornerstone of our growth as human beings and global citizens.


A Growing Partnership with NOBIS Project

Meaningful partnerships often grow from a series of serendipitous circumstances. But for the stars to align so that those partnerships can happen in the first place, a little luck never hurts.

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Preserving History Through Memory

The nature of history is such that it fades unless it is passed down. For the most horrific chapters of our past, testimony and the preservation of memory plays a crucial role in ensuring history is never repeated.

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Celebrating Black Excellence in February

Black History Month coincided with the Stevens curriculum across grade levels and subject areas this February, as students studied Black leaders who fought injustice, made historic contributions to the arts and sciences, and continue to influence us today.

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Equity Coordinators

Alicia Agosti

Margaret Belkhyat
Hoboken Campus

Samanta English
Newport Campus