Every Moment Counts

A Stevens education encourages inquiry, critical thinking and collaborative problem solving.

Purposeful learning, every moment of every day, is why Stevens graduates are More Than Ready for success in high school and beyond.

Employee Benefits

Staff members engaged in discussion


Stevens Cooperative School’s educational philosophy is rooted in progressive teaching and learning. Our faculty doesn’t just challenge the students, but also guides their learning through a collaborative and shared approach. Our teachers have the autonomy to build their curricula and shift their lessons based on the interests and wonderings of the students in the class. Faculty and staff regularly collaborate and share new ideas and interests, both formally at faculty meetings and professional development days, and informally through day-to-day communications. Teachers at the same grade level often create their curricula for the year together, coordinating content, lessons and projects.

Stevens Cooperative School values the importance of technology integration in the classroom and communication for staff across campuses. For these reasons, all full-time staff members are given a laptop when they become a member of our community. Faculty also have access to technology resources in the classroom, including SMART Boards, 3-in-1 Boards and tablets.

In order to extend a warm welcome and effectively onboard our new staff members, mentors are assigned. Mentors answer any questions that may arise and ensure a smooth transition to the Stevens community. Regular meetings are also scheduled with administrators to discuss ongoing goals and efforts.


Stevens Cooperative School appreciates the importance of providing teachers, administrators and staff the ability and encouragement to build upon their knowledge and expertise. Everything our teachers learn enriches their guidance in the classroom and benefits our larger teaching community through the sharing of new information following a professional development workshop or opportunity. Grants are also given for our teachers’ learning to continue through the summer. Professional development conferences and workshops our faculty and staff have attended in the past include:

  • CARLE Institute
  • Facing History and Ourselves Workshops
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Workshop
  • National Endowment for the Humanities Programs
  • NAIS People of Color Conference
  • Project Zero at Harvard University Graduate School of Education
  • White Privilege Conference
  • Teachers College Reading and Writing Project


Stevens offers paid time off for full time employees, including personal days, sick days and vacation days, in addition to the days that the school is closed in observance of holidays and breaks.

Our salaries and benefits are competitive with other leading independent day schools of similar size in our geographic location. Our benefits package includes medical, dental, vision and life insurance. The school pays 100% of the premium for a comprehensive health insurance, dental, and vision plans for eligible employees. Stevens also pays 100% of life Insurance and disability premiums. 

Stevens also extends benefits to children of eligible faculty or staff enrolled at Stevens, such as attendance in one afterschool specials class per trimester at no cost. Faculty and staff with children enrolled in Stevens may also be eligible to enroll each child in one week of a summer program at no cost. If a faculty member teaches at a summer program, each child of the employee may enroll in camp, at no cost for the duration the employee works.