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Summer Camp 2022 FAQ

Female camper smiling with her hands up wearing a camp t-shirt

Can I choose a prorated option to only attend a few days a week?
We do not offer a prorated option for partial attendance. 

What are your COVID safety protocols and procedures?
This will be our second in-person summer camp during COVID. We intend to apply all the same measures implemented this past academic year at Stevens Cooperative School. Measures include, but are not limited to, mask-wearing throughout the day, enhanced hand hygiene routines, physically distanced furniture, infrastructure upgrades inducing plexiglass at every child and staff member’s table or desk, HEPA and UV filters in our HVAC systems, and screening protocols including daily temperature checks, health questionnaires, and weekly surveillance testing. 

What will COVID surveillance testing look like this Summer?
All families will be required to obtain their own negative test result from a test conducted no earlier than the Wednesday prior to the start of their camp week. Results must be emailed to camp staff by the Friday preceding their Monday camp start. Camp families who can provide medical documentation that their camper tested positive within the last 90 days and are now cleared from quarantine will not be required to test before or during their camp enrollment.
While your child remains enrolled in Summer Camp @ Stevens, they will be required to test on a weekly basis for the duration of their camp attendance. Families can choose to use our saliva-based PCR pool testing and will be charged $20 per test. Note that the camp will not profit from this program as this pricing is designed to strictly cover the cost of testing and shipment. If your child is not attending our camp for consecutive weeks, they will not be required to test with us before their gap week(s), but families will then be required to obtain their own test prior to their return, submitting these results in the same fashion as for their initial week of camp. This testing program will allow families maximum flexibility for travel and for campers to attend both Enrichment and Traditional Camps each week to pursue their interests and make the most of their summer.

What time does camp start and end? 
Our camp day starts at 8:30am. Families may drop their campers off early beginning at 8:00am at no additional charge. The camp day ends at 4:00pm. We offer Aftercare Monday-Friday 4:00-6:00pm for an additional charge.

Can I sign my child up week-to-week or do I need to sign my child up for the whole summer?
You may sign up week-to-week. We understand that family schedules vary during the summer and some families may choose to go out of town or opt out of a week of camp. Choose any or all of the eight weeks! Families may also switch between the Traditional Day Camps and the Enrichment Camps Programs from week to week based on family preference. Note that programs fill up quick so registering on a rolling basis throughout the summer may not be feasible if some camps are already full.

Where is Summer Camp @ Stevens located?
Our 3- through 5-year-old programs take place at 339 River Street in Hoboken, NJ, while our 5-year-old through 13-year-old programs run at 100 River Dr. South in the Newport area of Jersey City*. Both locations are a 10-minute walk from the Hoboken Train Terminal, which provides access to the PATH, NJ Transit trains, buses, light rail, and NY Waterway ferries. 

*Note that parallel Enrichment programs for 5-year-olds will run at both locations. Families can select which location they prefer.

How do I contact camp administrators?

  • The best way to reach us is via email:
  • The phone number to contact Summer Camp @ Stevens is 201-792-3688.  
    • Ext. 200 for the Front Desk at River St.  
    • Ext. 400 for the Front Desk at Newport
    • Ext. 407 for the Auxiliary Programs Director

What is the camper-to-teacher ratio?
The ratio is 8:1 representing two camp teachers and 15 campers in each camp group.  There are additional specialists and support staff beyond classroom teachers.

Who are our camp teachers?
Each camp class has two teachers, including a head and an associate teacher. All Summer Camp @ Stevens head teachers are employed teachers throughout the school year, either at Stevens Cooperative School or another institution. All associate camp teachers are either Associate Teachers during the school year or college students with experience working with kids.

Do you have any camps offered after August 12?
No. Summer Camp @ Stevens is housed within the Stevens Cooperative School buildings. We use the remaining weeks of August for facilities work that must be done in preparation for the start of the school year in September.

Do campers have swim lessons?
Campers attending our Newport/Jersey City location swim multiple times per week. Campers in our Traditional Day Camp program swim three to four times a week. Campers in our Enrichment Camp program swim at least twice a week. Swim sessions each week are devoted to formal swim instruction and free swim periods. Newport Swim Fitness Center in Jersey City provides both a lifeguard and a swim instructor in addition to our three Summer Camp @ Stevens staff members who join the campers at the pool.

How recent should my child’s health form be?
All campers must have had a physical exam by a licensed provider completed within the last calendar year.

What if my child has allergies?
Summer Camp @ Stevens has adopted a nut-free policy. This includes all nuts and nut butters. We have many children in our summer programs who have severe nut allergies resulting from ingesting nuts or even being close to nuts. We ask that no child bring foods with these ingredients to camp. We appreciate your assistance in keeping all children safe and healthy. If there are other allergies, please make sure to include these on your health forms and turn in necessary medications to camp staff.

My child’s birthday is while they are at camp. Do you do anything special to celebrate? 
We love to celebrate birthdays! If your child has a birthday while they are at camp and would like to celebrate it, please let us know. We will provide the fun and special treat for your camper’s birthday at the end of the camp day.

Do you offer snack or lunch?  
Stevens provides a healthy, fun, and nut-free snack for both the morning and afternoon, such as Cheez-Its, Pirate’s Booty, Graham Crackers, or other similar options.  A lunch service is now available to our camp families. Simply Gourmet offers allergy-friendly and customizable offerings. Families choose from a fully customizable menu each day and pay through their family portal. For more information click here.

Do you offer transportation to and from camp?
Both our Hoboken and Jersey City locations are conveniently located within a 10-minute walk from the Hoboken Train Terminal, which provides access to the PATH, and NJ Transit trains, buses and light rail. We do not offer private transportation for our campers.

Where do I park to drop off or pick up my camper?
Newport / Jersey City
Access to the drop off area runs from Newport Parkway to River Drive. Parents/guardians may pull up on the northbound side of the street by the building during drop off. 
River Street, Hoboken
Parents/guardians may pull up and park on the northbound side of River Street. Note that on Tuesday mornings, street cleaning is scheduled, so cars may be subject to ticketing if left unattended when street cleaning occurs.
Can I see photos of my child while they are at camp?
Yes! Photos of camp activities will be uploaded to a Google album throughout the week and shared with families. We also post on our social media sites. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @stevenscooperativeschool.

Does my five-year-old child have to sleep during rest?
No, your child does not have to sleep during the rest period. Each child will be provided a rest mat and we ask that families send in a fitted sheet, small blanket, and stuffed animal if they choose. Light music or a story will be played during this time and children have the option to rest, nap, color or read a book quietly. 

Do you apply sunscreen?
Yes, sunscreen is applied before going outside each time. Sunscreen may be applied before campers come to camp and will be reapplied in the afternoon again. Camp provides sunscreen but families may send in sunscreen labeled with their camper’s name as well. Teachers will be available to help with sunscreen application and will wear gloves.

Potty Training
Children must be potty trained to attend camp.

What happens if I have to pick my camper up early?
While the camp day goes until 4:00pm, we do open the doors for dismissal beginning at 3:45pm. Given that we ID every camper’s adult, the logistical hurdles of dismissal can be difficult. We ask that if you need to pick your child up prior to 3:45 pm that you do so before 3:15pm, as the closer we get to the actual dismissal time, the more difficult it may be for staff members to arrange individualized dismissal times.