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Henry Wilson-Sadlowski, Class of 2018

Henry Wilson-Sadlowski, currently a junior in high school, applied to participate in a program at the School for Ethics and Global Leadership (SEGL). After being accepted into the semester-based program, Henry ventured to Washington D.C. to learn about politics, government and leadership, in our country’s capital.

“Our 16 weeks at SEGL were divided up into week-long ‘case studies,’ where we focused on one central issue during our Ethics and Leadership class, which we took along with our usual academic classes. These case studies varied from

learning about police brutality to climate change, with a focus always placed on the guest speaker of the week.” Henry noted the impact that the current pandemic had on his experience. He stated, “In some ways it’s been a limiting factor — our speakers were all virtual and the Smithsonian and Library of Congress were closed for the pandemic.” Henry went on to share how the election, though, made his time a particularly unique one, “We also watched the hearings for the Supreme Court Justices, which were happening down the street! My peers and I were able to speak directly with representatives, and some even spoke with former President Obama. When Ruth Bader Ginsberg died, we had the opportunity to attend her vigil,” Henry shared, commenting on the overwhelming sense of “being in the middle of it all.”

“I’ve always been a humanities kid, interested in English and History. Since the 2016 election, politics has felt much more relevant in our lives,” explained Henry. “I’ve always been fascinated by government and politics. I developed my love of politics and leadership skills at Stevens.” Henry went on to share his memories of the last election, when he and many of his classmates became more engaged in discussions around politics. “Our teachers at Stevens encouraged group discussions and engaged us in individual conversations,” he said. “I always loved our current events discussions, which really shaped my interests and helped me to explore topics more fully in the classroom setting. This was so valuable when growing into a world where it’s important to be informed.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am today, without Stevens,” commented Henry. “Stevens set me on a path and I’m here, in Washington D.C., with people from all over the country who have different beliefs. I have learned so much from my peers and being able to talk with individuals who I wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to.” Henry went on to say, “My ability to come to these conversations with an open mind, and assert myself with confidence and respect, are skills that I credit to Stevens.”

After reflecting on his time at Stevens and his recent valued experience at SEGL, which he will take with him on his future endeavors, Henry stated insightfully, “Life is learning from others.”

This article was originally published in the 2020 Fall Issue of SCOOP Magazine.

students in masks smiling outside the U.S. Capitol