Every Moment Counts

A Stevens education encourages inquiry, critical thinking and collaborative problem solving.

Purposeful learning, every moment of every day, is why Stevens graduates are More Than Ready for success in high school and beyond.

Welcome to Stevens Cooperative School

Imagine a school where children enter their classrooms with exuberance and an eagerness to learn. Think about a community where students’ voices matter and where deep thinking happens every single day. Whether they are analyzing modern literature, designing a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge or creating code to develop a computer program, students at Stevens are engaged and motivated each and every moment that they are in school.

Choosing a school for your child might be the most important decision you make in determining your child’s future. We hope that you will spend some time on our website and learn more about our dynamic curriculum, inspiring faculty and warm community.

Nancy Rossi
Director of Admissions and
High School Guidance

Allison Tabor
Associate Director of Admissions and Financial Aid