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Our Educational Philosophy

Since 1949, progressive teaching and learning have been at the heart of our educational philosophy. We develop each student’s academic intellect alongside their social-emotional intelligence, and we allow their interests to guide us as educators. Our classrooms are versatile, inclusive, laboratories for creative thinking, collaboration, analysis and communication, and our coursework is interdisciplinary, multidimensional and hands-on. Students actively participate in shaping their own education and are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions. They apply what they learn in one subject to others, revise their thinking based on experience and research, and take an extraordinary degree of responsibility for the shape of their education. In addition to intellectual rigor, we emphasize work habits, organizational skills, global thinking and social-emotional intelligence. As a result, our graduates express themselves with clarity and power, advocate for themselves and others, and develop deep relationships within their communities. These exceptional outcomes are the result of an intentional, inspiring process — a grounded and joyful development of the love of learning. 

Our Teachers

Stevens teachers are partners in education. Guided by their students' needs and interests, they engage their classes by posing questions, creating authentic and purposeful learning experiences, providing opportunities for critical thinking, modeling, mentoring, and supporting inquiry and discovery of new topics. Our teachers welcome their students’ passions, amplify their voices and empower them to exceed their own expectations. A school-wide ethos of community and collegiality means teachers are always collaborating and sharing ideas, and regularly engaging in rich and varied professional development opportunities.

Grade Levels

Learn more about the classes offered at Stevens below. We invite you to explore our Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School curricula to learn more about the Stevens experience at each specific grade level. 

Classes and Subjects