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Seven-Day Schedule

Following a yearlong partnership with Independent School Management (ISM) and a thorough review of our space, time, resources, and the needs of our students, Stevens introduced a new schedule that launched with the start of the 2022-2023 school year. 
The revitalized and reimagined schedule is based on research of best practices and grounded in our school’s four pillars of community, progressive teaching and learning, diversity and equity, and continuous improvement. This transformation reflects our commitment to integrated, cross-disciplinary learning and ensures the time, space, and resources necessary for deep, project-based learning designed to enhance the student experience.  

Key Features:

Seven-day cycle: Each homeroom class has seven daily schedules that feature course rotations and create deeper learning opportunities.

LAB Day: The seventh day of each cycle is a Learning and Belonging (LAB) Day, which offers dedicated opportunities for interdisciplinary and collaborative work. All specialists will be available to facilitate Stevens’ unique programmatic elements.

Evenly-paced day: The new schedule ensures longer blocks of uninterrupted learning, scheduled breaks, consistent lunch times, dedicated community time, and reduces the number of transitions for students and teachers.

How our community benefits:

Student-centric: Our new schedule was created to center student needs by promoting durable learning, ensuring a well-paced school day, limiting interruptions, and making sufficient time to support a dynamic curriculum.

Fewer transitions between classes: There is more rhythm to the school day with less frequent transitions. This benefits students' social and emotional wellbeing as they have time to decompress between classes and it re-centers them to be ready for more time for in-depth inquiry and learning.

Depth of learning: The pace of the schedule ensures we can deliver on all programs without compromising aspects of the curriculum or student experience, and facilitates richer learning.

More time for teachers to collaborate: Faculty and staff will have more opportunities to prepare interdisciplinary student instruction and experiences.

Fewer missed classes: The seven-day rotation means that electives or specials will not be missed due to holidays, professional development or school closures. 

Community time: Daily opportunities for collaboration across grade levels, from assemblies and guest speakers to Reading Buddies and student mentoring.