Every Moment Counts

A Stevens education encourages inquiry, critical thinking and collaborative problem solving.

Purposeful learning, every moment of every day, is why Stevens graduates are More Than Ready for success in high school and beyond.

Our Graduates

What makes Stevens graduates More Than Ready?

Graduating from Stevens represents more than just completing a required program of study and moving on to a great high school. Stevens students do those things, too. But during their time here, they also grow to become the most authentic versions of themselves. 

Our graduates are deep-thinking students and justice-minded leaders who express themselves with clarity and power, advocate for themselves and others, and develop tight-knit relationships within their communities.

These exceptional outcomes are the result of an intentional, inspiring process—a grounded and joyful development of the love of learning. Our students apply what they learn in one subject to others, revise their thinking based on research, and take an extraordinary degree of responsibility for the shape of their education.

They’ve completed complex academic projects. They’ve developed a high degree of social and emotional intelligence. They’re confident in their knowledge and eager to discover new ideas, challenge conventional truths, and experience new frontiers.

Simply put, they are More Than Ready.

Learn About the Class of 2022

Learn more about Anna

Throughout her nine years at Stevens, Anna has discovered new ways to blend her love of math and science with her studies in humanities. She researched how people from different religious groups react to and accept news about climate change. Anna has also been playing piano for eight years.

Learn more about Benny

A Stevens student since he was in the PreK 3s, Benny has placed first in the New Jersey Math League and loves reading science fiction books. His message for the next generation? "Be kind to your peers and be responsible!"

Learn more about Jian

Jian's graduation from Stevens marks the end of a 19-year journey for his family. His favorite subject is humanities and he loves the opportunities the school has given him to perform, lead, and refine his public speaking skills.

Learn more about Kimaya

Kimaya credits Stevens with helping her find her voice and defining success as the wellbeing of a community rather than the individual. She's applied those beliefs on a global scale, studying world religions and celebrating how they relate and differ from her own Hindu faith.

Learn more about Laura

Laura's favorite subjects are humanities and science. After joining the community in Kindergarten, she became a student who loves writing stories and poems. Laura has combined her passion for swimming with her studies of Islam.

Learn more about Nate

As Nate reflected on his nine years at Stevens, some of his favorite memories included studying World War II and playing on the basketball team with his peers. He enjoys reading, staying informed on current events, and hopes to increase awareness about human rights violations and war crimes that continue to occur all over the world.

Learn more about Shrey

Shrey started his Stevens journey in Kindergarten. He loves solving puzzles and has researched a range of topics throughout his time here, from alternative sources of energy to the pandemic's effect on the restaurant industry.

Learn more about Tenny

What are three words Tenny would use to describe herself? Athlete, photographer, and creative thinker. As she reflected on her nine years as a Stevens student, some of Tenny's favorite memories included their class trip to Philadelphia and studying different types of cells in biology. 

Our graduates excel...

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