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Sixth Grade Curriculum Overview


Sixth grade is an exciting year of growing responsibility and new experiences. After completing the transition to middle school in 5th grade, 6th graders have the opportunity to become more independent learners, namely by designing their own exhibition project at the end of the year. Students work with a dedicated math specialist and take their first overnight trip to a city – in this case, Washington, D.C. Sixth graders also earn the privilege to periodically eat lunch off-campus.  

In both Literacy and Humanities, the overarching theme of 6th grade is power. Students begin to understand that power comes not only from external forces, grappling with the idea that power also comes from within and can be influenced by choices made and not made. Students become more independent while continuing to positively contribute to the community and taking on leadership opportunities including Student Mentoring, where students are paired with a younger student to build confidence and self-esteem or simply settle into a new year.

Explore what your child will learn in each of the following subject areas: