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6th Grade
Curriculum Overview



Sixth grade is an exciting year of growing responsibility and new experiences. After completing the transition to middle school in fifth grade, sixth graders have the opportunity to become more independent learners, including designing their own final project. Students begin their study of Latin, start having a math specialist, and take their first city overnight trip to Boston. Sixth graders also begin “lunch out,” during which students can go to local eateries and enjoy lunch with peers. 

The overarching theme for sixth grade is power; students begin to understand that power doesn't only come from outside forces. Sixth graders begin to formulate the idea that power also comes from within and the choices that are made and not made. Students become more independent, while continuing to positively contribute to the community. Sixth graders have leadership opportunities, including Student Mentoring, where students are paired with a younger student to build confidence and self-esteem or to simply help a younger student settle in to Stevens. 

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