Every Moment Counts

A Stevens education encourages inquiry, critical thinking and collaborative problem solving.

Purposeful learning, every moment of every day, is why Stevens graduates are More Than Ready for success in high school and beyond.

Middle School (5th - 8th Grade)

During the pre-adolescent and adolescent years, the robust development of academic skills, as well as character and social/emotional education, prepares Stevens graduates to succeed and lead in their chosen high schools. During their middle school years, students complete an exhibition project as a culminating capstone project at the end of each grade. This staple of Stevens' curriculum - and a favorite among our students - is introduced in fifth grade. Students choose a topic related to their year long studies, form a claim or thesis statement, conduct research, write a paper that evaluates and interprets the information discovered, and share expertise gleaned from this process in oral and multimedia presentations. Each year, the Exhibition Project assignments progress in their level of complexity. In the last year, eighth graders reach new levels of sophistication as they grapple with increasingly complex topics, triangulate information, conduct interviews with people in the field, and use sophisticated language and multimedia presentations. Their learning inspires them to take action in the wider community and make a difference in our world.

The option to participate in an Elective is also introduced in fifth grade, and offered throughout the middle school years. Some electives include ​​Photography, Creative Writing, Coaching and Mentoring, Theatre, Coding, and Ethics Bowl.

The characteristics and long-term goals for our students, our Portrait of a Graduate, materializes in many forms in the middle school grades. Visit our classrooms and you will find fifth graders researching the societal structure or cultural aspect of Ancient India for their Exhibition Project; sixth graders Skyping with peers in China as part of the Mandarin program; seventh graders writing critical essays on literature they have read; and eighth graders learning to simplify rational expressions with all four operations and solving rational equations in Algebra I.

See what our students learn during each year of their educational journeys at Stevens:

Click here to view the fifth grade curriculum
Click here to view the sixth grade curriculum
Click here to view the seventh grade curriculum
Click here to view the eighth grade curriculum

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