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Middle School (5th - 8th Grade)

In our Middle School, the robust development of academic and social-emotional skills prepares Stevens graduates to succeed and lead in their chosen high schools. Each year, students complete a capstone exhibition project on a topic related to their yearlong studies, the complexity of which grows each year as graduation nears. As students progress, their learning inspires them to take action in the community and make a difference in our world. Visit our classrooms and you will find 5th graders researching the societal structures of Ancient India, 6th graders chatting with peers in China as part of our Mandarin program, 7th graders writing critical essays comparing the world's major religions, and 8th graders simplifying rational expressions and solving rational equations in Algebra I.

Middle School is where the long-term goals we've set our for students, outlined by our Portrait of a Graduate, materialize in many forms.

Explore what our students learn during the culminating years of their Stevens journeys:

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