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Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

In the formative year of Kindergarten, our students are offered opportunities to better understand the world around them through individual and shared inquiries. In school, they become explorers, designers, engineers, writers, readers, mathematicians and so much more. We nurture their natural curiosity, imagination, and enthusiasm, and ensure a love of learning is cultivated as each child grows and develops. Children must feel safe, loved and nurtured to develop the trust they need for their healthy development. Our goals for Kindergarten students are to develop a positive self-identity and empathy for others through healthy cognitive, physical, social, emotional and ethical development. Through an integrated curriculum, students begin to connect one idea to another as they build their skills for learning. Kindergarten students learn what it means to be active members of a community – be it their classroom or the world around them.

Explore what your child will learn in each of the following subject areas: