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Welcome From the Head

Each year I have the pleasure of watching every one of our 8th grade graduates give a commencement speech reflecting on their time at Stevens and their growth as individuals. I am always moved by their confidence, integrity, and the impact that Stevens has had in their lives. They also reinforce why I am so passionate about my work.

From the moment you walk through our school doors, you are immediately embraced by the warmth, enthusiasm and collegiality that our community has to offer. From laughing preschool students exploring artifacts in a sandbox to middle schoolers engaged in thoughtful conversation as they explore ways to solve a real-world problem, a Stevens education centers on depth of learning and requires rigorous thinking while promoting curiosity and inquiry. 

Our approach to learning focuses on fostering bold and safe spaces for students to take risks and to be challenged by teachers, peers, and themselves. We provide an inclusive and innovative environment where every student is an active and valued participant, every teacher and staff member cares, and where you can always count on us to strive for excellence. Your child deserves nothing less.

As our students evolve and grow throughout the grades, they claim their agency as they challenge assumptions and engage in real world and experiential learning. We set up classrooms as bold spaces where students develop their confidence and self-awareness while engaging in varied core and specialty classes that nurture their interests and development of the whole person. When students are in a place of belonging and high expectations, they bring their best self to every task academically, socially and emotionally. 

In the course of our 75-year history, we have cultivated a community that draws its strength from connection, diversity and partnership. These are the values on display at our many wonderful annual traditions: Helping Parent/Guardian Days, the 4th grade Egg Drop, the Faculty vs. Students Basketball Game, the Cabaret talent show and more. Each September, we welcome new students and faculty with a boisterous clap-in ceremony, and in June we celebrate a year of growth and learning at a series of ceremonies we call Journey. These are just a few of the traditions that unite our community in service to our students.

I invite you to visit Stevens for an information session, a tour, or one of our many community events to see what makes our school so exceptional. My team and I look forward to welcoming you.

Sergio Alati, Ed.D.

Sergio arrived at Stevens as Head of School in 2012. He oversees all of the school’s educational, operational and institutional activities, leads the senior administration, academic team and faculty in executing the school’s mission, works with the Board of Trustees to envision and plan for long-term success, and maintains close relationships with students, their families and more than a decade’s worth of Stevens graduates. Sergio previously served as the Director of Studies at the Kent Place School, overseeing the evaluation of instruction programs, curricular development and innovation. In addition to his Ed.D. in curriculum and teaching from Teachers College, Columbia University, Sergio holds a Master of Science in elementary education from Hunter College. He currently sits on the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools. Sergio and his wife, Jennifer, an early childhood instructional coach for Manhattan’s PreK public school programs, have a 20-year-old daughter, Julia, and a 17-year-old son, James.