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Diversity & Equity

Stevens Diversity Statement

We believe an equitable and inclusive learning environment creates empowering and supportive experiences that build a more just and compassionate world. Stevens Cooperative School is a safe place for students to develop their authentic identities and grow an appreciation for how diversity enriches our lives. We strive to be a school comprised of unique individuals of different backgrounds, identities, and beliefs, where all voices are equally valued and respected. We actively attempt to fight intolerance, discrimination and inequity.

Our school is a place where all members feel empowered, embraced, and celebrated for who they are. We provide students, faculty, staff, and families with the resources, tools and opportunities needed to engage ethically with the larger community and shape the future. We are committed to exploring and understanding personal and systemic biases, so that students can become the best form of themselves and advocate for others. Students take action and study issues of social justice in ways that facilitate and deepen their understanding of power, personal responsibility and social change.

At Stevens Cooperative School, our diversity is our unity and a cornerstone of our growth as human beings and global citizens.

Diversity and Equity at Stevens

Stevens Cooperative School is committed to its mission to educate and inspire students to be active and responsible participants in a global world. Stevens works hard to make sure that every child feels welcome, valued, and safe throughout their school experience. We want every student to be comfortable taking risks, to know that their opinions and thoughts are heard, and to understand that they have a seat at the table to participate in meaningful conversations.

Our commitment to diversity and equity is systemic in fostering an inclusive school environment, from how we think about our admissions practices to the hiring, retention and development of our faculty and staff. As a school we make diversity and equity an integral and valued part of the school's culture, curriculum and programs.

Each year we hold a Diversity Recruitment Event for faculty and staff. At these events, attendees have the opportunity meet current employees, students, parents, and Board members, and learn about our curriculum, programs, and the Stevens community. Participants tour the school and have the opportunity to speak openly with any Stevens constituent. Our faculty engages in meaningful, diversity-focused professional development, from attending the NAIS People of Color Conference to working with consultants on workshops focused on developing our diverse student body. We embrace every opportunity to assure that our staff feels supported so that they can meet their best potential as educators.

Families and staff have the opportunity to participate together in equity work through various diversity subcommittees that utilize a cultural competency lens to review aspects of the school. Currently equity subcommittees include admissions, culture and climate, as well as faculty and staff hiring, retention and development. Faculty also have the chance to serve on the equity curriculum committee. Collectively these equity committees bring us together so that our many voices can have a common purpose of acknowledging, embracing, discussing, and respecting the diversity of our school community.

It is essential that schools provide meaningful opportunities for students to take an active role in building a healthy sense of identity and confidence throughout their educational journey. A number of activities are woven into the Stevens school year that accomplish this, such as 6th-8th graders participating in an annual workshop facilitated by expert educators, where students from a number of independent schools come together to explore racial identity development. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, students and faculty join together, in partnership with All Saints and Mustard Seed Schools, to engage in service learning projects that impact our community. Middle school students have opportunities to connect with other schools from around the world, to communicate in Spanish and Mandarin and to learn about cultural norms and traditions that define and reflect different values and instill a sense of pride and global understanding.

At Stevens Cooperative School, diversity is not a program, but rather the fabric of our community. Our students feel valued and understood because they are invited to share their stories and voices. This in turn cultivates a school environment where healthy development flourishes and where each student can reach their best potential as scholars, lifelong learners, and empathetic citizens of the world.

Rhiannon McElwee
Director of Equity and Student Services