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Then and Now Photo Gallery

Early Childhood Classroom c. 1948
Early Childhood Classroom, 2023
Bloomfield Street, 2002
Bloomfield Street, 2019
6th Grade Graduation, 2000
8th Grade Graduation, 2022
Brooklyn Bridge Visit, 2000
Brooklyn Bridge Visit, 2023
1997 Brooklyn bridge reconstructions
Brooklyn bridge reconstruction, 2023
Neighborhood Walk, 1977
Neighborhood Walk, 2022
Fun in Church Square Park, 1993
Fun in Church Square Park, 2023
Computers, 1994
Computers, 2022
Middle Schoolers, 2002
Middle Schoolers, 2023
1990s Fairview Lake
Fairview Lake, 2022
Fun and Fitness Day, 2012
Fun and Fitness Day, 2023
Early Childhood Fun, 1948
Early Childhood Fun, 2023

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